Affiliates and Referrals at MSE

You can earn


in commissions*

Project Affiliates


Affiliate fees are awarded for each successful lead that converts into an official project. The commission fee is calculated based on the total project cost.

We believe you deserve a “piece of the action” just like our in-house sales staff. We want you to be our sales person, and we want to compensate you fairly for your effort.

Our goal is to expand the number of projects we help get unstuck. We recognize that fostering new relationships with new clients is not only good business, but it is also imperative to our continued success.

Staffing Referrals


Referral fees are awarded for successful recruitment of talents for MSE. The commission fee is prorated over the life of the employment period to a maximum of 12 months.

  • A minimum of 3 months (the probation period) is required for payout.
  • For contracts less than 3 months, any contract extensions will extend the referral payout to a maximum of 12 months.