Our company

Founded in 2021, but we’ve been preparing for 20+ years.

Getting to know us better

Based in Denver Colorado, Mobile Stack Experts (“MSE”) was founded by software engineers who have a combined 50+ years of software development experience. 

We spent our entire career solutioning or salvaging stuck projects.

As passionate technologists, we love seeing novel software concepts, but hate seeing good ideas fail due to completely solvable technical problems. So we started this company with a mission to ensure that these software reach their full potential.

Aside from technical issues, severe talent shortage in the tech industry is also hampering software projects. We experienced this first-hand, and we are dedicated to solve this problem. MSE is bringing a breath of fresh air to software development.

We focus in our communities

Mobile Stack Experts and our staff are proud members of our communities. We contribute our expertise to worthy charities and non-profits to create a positive impact. Contact us if you are a charity that could benefit from our services.