Hot Console

Mobile app instrumentation directly from within your users’ mobile device.


App Debugging

A debugging console built right into your mobile app. Use for development or production troubleshooting.

User Journey

Track and trend your user experience journey to understand the unexpected ways your users breaking the app.


Understand your mobile app's network profile including requests, response times, and errors.

Live App Telemetry

Comprehensive debugging information streams from your handsets. It exposes everything from the device. Live!

Data & Insights

Inspect how your mobile app is generating data and consuming data. Detect bad data in your payload.


Measure the performance of your mobile app. Profile your app for bottlenecks and improve user experience.

"The only tool that gives you real-time insights into your mobile app from a user's device."
Joe DeSouza
App Developer


"Great tool for seeing inside your mobile app."

Mobile Magazine